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DS-160 Visa Form

Non-immigrant visa applicants applying for visas at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo are required to complete the online non-immigrant electronic visa application form DS-160; we no longer accept the forms DS-156, DS-157 and DS-158.

The DS-160 is a fully integrated online application form that is used to collect the necessary application information from people seeking a non-immigrant visa. The DS-160 is submitted electronically to the post where the applicant will apply for their visa. Consular Officers will use the information entered on the DS-160 to process the visa application and, combined with a personal interview, will determine an applicant’s eligibility for a non-immigrant visa.

The DS-160 form may be accessed through the Department at State Application Center. 

Before accessing the form, please note the following points:

  • The site does experience intermittent connectivity issues. As you complete the form, save a copy onto your hard drive and  ‘save’ often;
  • Please enter your name exactly as it appears in your passport. Norwegian citizens are normally  registered with one last name and several first names.
  • Review the Department of State photo specifications before uploading the photograph. If your photo does not comply, it will be rejected; 
  • Select the correct location at which you will apply for the visa.   If applying at the Embassy, please select Oslo, Norway;  
  • Provide accurate and complete information in answer to the questions. You will be given an opportunity to review the information before submitting the form. If you submit a DS-160 that is inaccurate or incomplete, your application will be rejected; 
  • Select the correct visa category under "Purpose of Travel to the United States" in the "Travel Information Section" - the drop down list will appear in answer to the question" Are you the Principal Applicant".   If you do not see your visa category, click on “Other” for further information. 
  • If asked the question “Have you attended any educational institutions other than an elementary school”, you should list all educational institutions you have attended since the age of 11. 

NOTE:  If DS-160 does not provide complete and accurate information, we will not be able to process the application.  You will be required to complete a new DS-160 and reschedule the appointment. 
Reminder:  Completing the DS-160 is just one step in the visa application process.  For information on applying for the visa, please click on "How to Apply" on the left-hand navigation bar.