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Fulbright Program

The U.S.- Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange is a binational foundation which aims to encourage students from Norway study in the United States while persuading young Americans to live in, and come to know and understand, Norway. Both governments support the program with annual allocations of funds.

Since the start of the program in Norway in 1949, about 1,245 Americans and 3,341 Norwegians have been awarded a Fulbright grant. Each year, approx. 35 Norwegians receive grants to study or conduct research in the US, and approx. 25 Americans receive grants to do the same in Norway.

The Fulbright Office is located in Oslo. It has a staff of four, and is responsible for the daily management of the Fulbright Program in Norway, which includes both Norwegian grantees going to the US, and American grantees coming to Norway. In addition, it offers an extensive counseling service for Norwegians who would like to study in the U.S. The Counseling Center is open to the general public, not just Fulbright grantees.


Fulbright Roving Scholars

American Fulbrighters in Norway