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New Embassy at Huseby
Drawing of new embassy at Huseby.

Drawing of new embassy at Huseby.

Since 1959, the U.S. Embassy has been located at Drammensveien 18 (now Henrik Ibsens gate 48), a prestigious and attractive location in the heart of Oslo.

Recognizing that the current location unfortunately no longer meets current security and needs of the citizens of Oslo and the Embassy community standards, the Embassy undertook a lengthy search to identify a suitable location for a new facility.

In June 2004, the U.S. Government signed a purchase agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Defense for a tract of land at Huseby as the site for a new Embassy.

We are very pleased with this site, which meets the U.S. Government’s security, space and other requirements, is conveniently located relative to the Oslo city center, and is readily accessible via public transportation.

While the construction of a new Embassy is a time-consuming and complicated process, the Embassy will do its utmost to complete the move to Huseby as expeditiously as possible.

We look for the support and assistance of the Government of Norway for concluding this process.

We want to be the best neighbor possible and are grateful for the cooperation and consideration of everyone involved.

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  • New Embassy The U.S. Embassy welcomes communications about the construction of
    our new building in Huseby. Together with the general contractor, we
    have mechanisms in place to inform the public about construction
    details. The contractor has also established an email address – – where the neighbors can send any concerns,
    and we urge people to use it.