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Security at the Embassy

Security for Visitors

  • All visits to the Embassy require an appointment.
  • You must show valid photo identification.
  • Electronic equipment and removable media, hazardous items, liquids, and weapons are not permitted in the Embassy.
  • Baby strollers are permitted after a thorough search.
  • Visitors must empty their belongings into a 17x16x32 cm box for security purposes. Mobile phones and small items may be stored in the box during your visit. Laptops cannot be stored. Items which do not fit into this space must be stored off Embassy property.
  • Please bring only what you need with you for your appointment.


Tips for a smooth and comfortable Embassy visit:

  • Dress for the weather, you may have to stand in line outside.
  • Please bring everything that you need to your appointment. Having all items that you need will eliminate the need to leave and re-enter the Embassy thus going through multiple security checks. 
  • Please read the website for detailed information regarding required items for your appointment.  Please note that the Visa department does not accept credit cards or debit cards so you will need to bring cash, Kroner or dollars.